Here is how it works:
1. You start with a set number of meals per semester.
2. You may use your meals at the Marketplace at the Owings Mills Campus.
3. All other Sodexo retail dining location offer meal exchange combos.
4. Each time a meal or meal exchange is used your meal balance declines by one.

For residents, go to the Residence Life office located in the Ratcliffe Community Center. Commuters go to Student Accounts located on the second floor of Garrison Hall. Also if you'd like, call the SU Meal Plan Coordinator at (443) 334-3500.

A meal exchange creates flexibility in your meal plan by adding combo meal deals in exchange for your student restaurant blocks. Only one meal exchange may be used per transaction. All other items available through Dining Services can be purchased using your Flex Dollars, cash, credit card or SU One card.

No. We accept cash, credit, and debit cards in addition to meal plans and SU One dollars as methods of payment.

*To clarify: Flex Dollars and SU One Dollars are the same as cash dollars*

You may add Flex Dollars to your account online through your BlackBoard Account (when you log in, on the left-hand side of the page where your Student ID image appears) or at the Student Accounts Office. Call (443) 334-3500. Flex Dollars can only be added to accounts that already have a meal plan.

Unused meal swipes are non-refundable and will not roll over to the next semester.

You also have the opportunity to treat a friend or visiting family members to a meal at any Sodexo dining location on the Owings Mills or Greenspring campuses with just a swipe of your card. Every student is provided with 10 guest meals with the purchase of a Meal Plan, as part of their total meals for the semester. For instance the A-Block Meal Plan has a total of 225 meals: 215 Meal Swipes, and 10 Guest Meals. Students may use guest meals for themselves, but only guest meals may be used for guests (no regular meal swipes are to be used for guests).

Flex Dollars are debit dollars that can be used at any of the Sodexo operated dining locations on campus (this does not include the bookstore or vending machines), as well as at any Off-Campus Partners. Unused Flex Dollars are non-refundable and automatically roll-over from fall to spring semester.**You can only get flex dollars if you have a meal plan.

Flex Dollars can be added to your meal plan through Student Accounts (443) 334-3500, or by logging in to your Blackboard account. Parents can even add money to your account if they have your Student ID number and call Student Accounts, or access to their student's BlackBoard account. The Student Accounts office is now located on the Owings Mills Campus in Garrison Hall on the Second Floor.

It is very important to report your card missing immediately to the Security Office. If you lose your card and you are not on campus, log onto the SU website and click on the “lost or stolen card” link. If you are on the Greenspring campus, report the card lost to the Student Affairs Office. If you are at the Owings Mills campus, report your missing card to Security.

Door prices at the Marketplace are as follows:
Breakfast - $8.66
Lunch - $13.18
Dinner - $15.47
Premium Night - $17.66
Brunch - $13.18

All vegan and vegetarian options are clearly identified on our Digital Menu Boards over each station. There is also a hot station dedicated to vegetarian and vegan items located inside Rockland Marketplace! If you are having difficulty finding something to eat, please ask. Our staff would be more than happy to assist you.

Our Simple Servings station was designed specifically for students with food allergies! Available in our Rockland Marketplace for Lunch and Dinner Monday-Sunday, the Simple Servings station is prepared at a separate preparation station with separate utensils and cookware. Meals offered at this station are prepared without milk, eggs, wheat, soy, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, and sesame. Simple Servings also recognizes the demand for gluten-free foods, which certain students require out of medical necessity. It also appeals to students with other health-related concerns, such as Type I Diabetes. If you have any questions about the food at this station, please do not hesitate to ask a member of our team; we are more than happy to help!


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Stevenson Disability -

If you sign up for our Rockland Marketplace To-Go program, yes, you can! Our Rockland Marketplace To-Go program is free to students and easy to use! Simply sign up at the Rockland Marketplace cash register during dining hours. Our cashier will give you a to-go food container and a to-go beverage container. Simply fill the containers with the food and drink of your choice (the containers should be able to be closed easily once filled), and enjoy on-the-go! Students can return their used containers to the cashier for a clean set. Simply bring back your used containers (we will clean them for you) when you are ready for a fresh set to fill and take with you!